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What? Frameworks streamline the development of web applications written in PHP by providing a basic structure for which to build the web applications.

Why? A couple of years ago, I would say '‘why?' Today every job posting requires a MVC framework of one form or another.

Would you? Yes. You won’t be able to stay in work without knowing at least two and they do have several benefits over ‘straight-laced’, Procedural PHP practices. Ultimately, learn both and adapt to the market as it changes.

I have been aware of PHP frameworks for many years, but never really saw the point.

I like coding PHP.

I enjoy the way I code. It’s simple, fairly clean and easy to read and update.

Why would I want to be dictated by someone else's methods .... and MVC .... Why?

One day I woke up, looked at the myriad of jobs on offer. All wanted an MVC OOP framework and there is the point:

If you want to work in PHP, you will probably have to know at least one, possibly two frameworks. I am not interested in the virtues or the why-or-wherefores of them, just the cold stark reality that, frameworks will play an ever-significant future in PHP.

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